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We are pleased to have added the Diamante Back Bra by Ultimo to our range of diamante bras.  The Diamante Back Bra by Ultimo is available either in Black or in Ivory, and in A cup to D cup.

The Shoulder straps on this diamante bra can be worn either conventionally or halterneck, giving you even greater flexibility for those special dresses and outfits such as backless dresses and ball gowns, where you want to wear a proper bra, and a little added bling.

Shown above in Black, the Ultimo Diamante Back Bra has a single string of 32 sparkling diamante crystals forming the back strap, which are set into a silver coloured metal setting.   The innovative design incorporate a band of clear silicone, which enable the back strap to have a little bit of stretch, for comfort and flexibility.   

Not only is the Ultimo Diamante Back Bra incredibly stylish, its innovative design and unique silicone gel technology provides unrivalled results in terms of look, feel and comfort.

Suitable for cup sizes A to D, the cups on this extraordinary "Solutions Bra" have removable gel, letting you choose between 2 different Cleavage options.   The removable silicone gel pads provide a natural level of comfort and appearance.

The outside of the cups is in ultra smooth satin, to avoid snagging, whilst two lines of silicone at the sides help to keep everything perfectly in place.

The Diamante Back Bra in Black is available at for £36.00.

The Diamante Back Bra is also available in Ivory, again suitable for A cup to D cup

When worn conventionally, the shoulder straps  are more widely spaced at the back than a standard bra, to avoid showing with backless dresses, and can also be worn halterneck.

The Diamante Back Bra in Ivory is available at for £36.00

Our Range presently includes a few remaining Diamante Bras by Splendour, although stocks are low as Splendour have now ceased manufacture whilst they are seeking to sell the brand.    We cannot therefore obtain any further stock of the Splendour range of Diamante bras for the time being, and when that are gone they are gone.

Our range of Splendour Diamante Bras includes the Diamante Backless Bra which is available in Black, in White and in Skin. 

Ideal for backless dresses, the Splendour Backless Bra is worn only as halterneck, and has two strings of sparkling diamante crystals.  Unlike the Ultimo Diamante Back bra, the Backless Bra by Splendour has two metal strings forming the back straps, and does not have the benefit of slicine built in to the back strap.   Instead, there are small back adjuster straps at each side, which allow a little stretch and also adjustment.

Tthe Backless Bra is available at at £29.00, but only whilst stocks last.

We also have in stock the Splendour Diamante Front Bra which is perfect for plunging necklines

For plunging necklines, when you want to wear a proper bra, but don't want it to be seen, the Diamante Frontless Bra is ideal.  The cups are set more widely apart than a standard bra, allowing you to show just a little more cleavage, with two sparkling strings of diamante stones set into a silver coloured metal settings, which are designed to be shown off and to look like part of your outfit.

The Diamante Frontless Bra is rear fastening, and has removable foam pads, giving you two cleavage options.

The Diamante Frontless Bra is available at for £29.00, but only whilst stocks last.